Improve the capacity of students, media representatives and higher education staff to process information in a critical manner as well as build a more resilient society.



Develop collaboration between Higher Education institutions and Media through the provision of evidence-based and research communication. 


Develop the transversal competences of students in terms of media literacy and resilience to dis/misinformation as well as build the capacity of Media as to scientific communication.


ERUM – Enhancing Research Understanding through Media


The ERUM project is a European initiative which addresses the need for the development of students’ key transversal competences in terms of media literacy, evidence-based communication and resilience to dis/misinformation. It also intends to strengthen the capacity of media experts vis-a-vis evidence- and research-based communication.



Develop key transversal skills and build resilience to dis/misinformation.

Higher Education Institutions

Collaborate with media and scientific experts to improve the educational offer of universities.


Media Representatives

Connect and learn from Higher Education professionals to improve evidence-based communication.


ERUM’s third transnational project meeting

ERUM’s third transnational project meeting

Last week we conducted our third transnational partnership meeting - due to the pandemic we met once more online. We exchanged about our project's next steps that include among others a conference on the vulgarisation of science through mainstream media that will be...

Finalisation of IO1

Finalisation of IO1

Finalisation of IO1 – Reports on controversial topics represented in media

Outputs and Resources


Media representation of controversial topics

The reports elaborate on a methodology to apprehend media content in a critical way and present a comprehensive analysis of the media representation gaps in various highly-relevant topics of our society.

Status: Finalised (June 2020)
Milestones: Conference on scientific popularisation through mainstream media in Belgium


Study material for media literacy skills

The study material provides the learners an experiential journey to learning and improving their knowledge, skills and competences in media literacy and resilience to mis/disinformation.

Status: Planned (May 2022)
Milestones: Summer schools in France and Greece


Guidelines for evidence-based communication

The guidelines provide guidance and support to postgraduate students to develop their skills for good scientific-communication practices. The booklet underlines the current media practices and elaborate on the good practices of media popularisation of science.

Status: Planned (January 2021)
Milestones: Conference on research understanding through media in Cyprus


Policy recommendations for Media-Academia collaboration

The white paper looks into ways of mainstreaming strategic support for students against misleading media content and propose solutions for cooperation between the media and higher education institutions.

Status: Planned (May 2022)
Milestones: Conference on Media Literacy in contemporary societies in Austria


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