Quality assurance in the last stages of the ERUM project

Quality assurance in the last stages of the ERUM project

12 May, 2022

The coordinating team in Vienna together with the EUF designed a Quality Assurance Plan that facilitates the motivation of participants in their compliance with objectives. The University of Alcalá supports the implementation of the plan making sure that the contributions of partners meet the consortium expectations.

Documentation in the Quality Assurance Plan includes guidelines for monitoring and evaluation, communication management and reporting. Useful checklists are provided to guide the partners during the fulfilment of their responsibilities. Documentation has been complemented by risk assessment meetings meant to assess the potential risks that may impact the performance of the project in terms of duration, costs, quality, etc. 

Our 6th Transnational Project Meeting has recently taken place in Vienna on 29th of April 2022 and partners have had the valuable opportunity to meet and discuss the tasks that should receive most attention at this final stage of the project. Learning modules have been created according to a common structure and a template serves the function of guiding partners in their completion.

The whole consortium appreciates the work by the project coordinating team in Vienna in their risk assessment, which is proving of great relevance for quality assurance, approached as a means to create the necessary conditions for successful collaboration and an effective transfer of outputs to society.

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