AsCOLA Assessing Courses of the Online Learning Agreement


AsCOLA is a European-wide project aimed at digitalizing and enhancing the quality framework of Erasmus+ student mobility.
By developing an evaluation methodology and an online evaluation tool for courses offered to mobile students, the project aims to equip Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with the necessary tools to improve the learning experience of students.


Erasmus+ Students

International mobile students will have a voice in shaping the learning experiences of host institutions for future generations.

Higher Education Institutions

HEIs will be able to better monitor and assess their institutional performance in education activities related to their internationalization strategy and policy.

Faculty members

Faculty members will have a seamless access to evaluation of the courses included in the OLAs.

AsCOLA Timeline




Report on evaluative methods and best practices

The report will provide a clear and updated overview of the best practices in evaluation in higher education. This information will be used to develop an evaluation questionnaire for exchange students that takes into account the differences between institutions and course-specific requirements.

Desk study report
Transversal and course specific requirements


The AsCOLA tool will be piloted among partner universities in a real environment to test its functionality and usability. The testing will be an opportunity to prepare the faculty members and students to become familiar with the tool.

Blueprinting and development of an online evaluation tool

During this phase, the focus will be on the technical requirements of the evaluation tool. A blueprint of the AsCOLA evaluation tool will be produced, including UI/UX design prototypes to efficiently guide the software development cycle. The tool will be available both as a web application for students and as an on-demand available API for it to interoperate with other services and applications in the ecosystem.

UX analysis

To improve the developed evaluation too, a user experience analysis will be conducted with the intended goal to collect and evaluate data about how users, including both students and faculty members, interact with the tool.


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