DocMob consortium Tips

DocMob consortium Tips

April 29, 2021
  • Define your project scope!

You think that you are talking about the same thing because you are working on the same discipline.  However, you project can be stalled just because you don’t have the same perspective/reality in the day-to-day implementation of doctoral mobility activities.

  • Take a step back from your first diagnosis!

As a consortium, we always define an initial diagnosis before building tools to meet the challenges we face. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, it is important to (re)think about the scope and objectives of our project by looking for relevant adaptations. The DocMob project was mainly built with a focus on the Erasmus+ mobility. However, the mobility goes beyond, and gives a large array of opportunities and ways of functioning. This dimension was introduced during the implementation of the DocMob project.

  • Don’t assume International Relations Offices have a monopoly on international mobility activities !

Actors and networks intervening in the field of international relations within an institution are often diverse. The perception of doctoral studies and doctoral mobility, as well as the language we use depends on our status within our institution, for example, Professor or IRO administrative staff.

  • Define your common language!

Before using the DocMob templates (LA and ToR), use the DocMob matrix.  To organize PhD mobility in the most efficient way you need to know the PhD system of the partner country and HEI, as well as the internal stakeholders involved.